Designer: Yukimi Kawashima
Show: Hawaiian Airlines presents Runway to Runway Fashion Show


Born in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, Yukimi Kawashima showed an affinity for fashion at a young age, re-making clothes in elementary school. By the time she reached middle school, her heart was set on becoming a fashion designer. She learned oil painting and sketching in high school under the apprenticeship of Hisayuki Tomoe, a Japanese painter. When she entered Osaka Mode Gakuen (Osaka Fashion College), she studied pattern making. After graduating from Osaka Mode Gakuen, she re-entered to study fashion and won first place in the female category for the school’s design contest, and went on to graduate at the top of her class. She joined a major Japanese apparel company in 1996 as a pattern maker, eventually becoming a designer there. 

In 2002, under the Japanese apparel company Mercury Design Inc., Kawashima launched AULA and debuted as the designer for the brand. She has since been featured in a number of Japanese magazines, including Elle and Nylon, and her brand has expanded all over the world. She also participated in Tokyo Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. In addition, Kawashima has provided original costumes for various artists and commercials. 

AULA is known for creating feminine clothing with bold cuts and block colors that lend a bit of rugged masculinity.