Kaypee Soh

Designer: Kaypee Soh
Show: Hawaiian Airlines presents Runway to Runway Fashion Show


Artist and designer Kaypee Soh was inspired at an early age by the textures and colors of the natural world. This gave him a passion for art and graphic design. He attended college in London and graduated with a degree in graphic design. From there, he worked in London, Canada and New York in the world of high-end fashion and brand consulting. 

In 2004, after an extended holiday in Hawai‘i, Soh decided the Islands reminded him of his youth in Malaysia, and moved to O‘ahu. He co-founded Somace Design, a branding and design company, and began collaborating with architects and interior designers creating custom artwork, signage, area rugs and textiles for the hospitality industry. By 2008, the business evolved into a working design studio and retail shop, introducing Soh’s residential decor and textiles. 

Soh quickly became known for modern, Pacific-inspired prints, energized colors and impeccable, handcrafted quality. Today, Kaypee Soh is developing into a lifestyle brand, with the Spring 2016 introduction of a women’s ready-to-wear collection and accessories that will include leather handbags as well as an expanded residential decor and textile line. Despite his busy schedule, Soh still finds time to enjoy his other passions: cooking, traveling and photography.