By Natalie Schack

Alert NASA, because we’ve got some big news: So big, in fact, that you can tell them to stop messing around with the horoscope cycle and train their telescopes on this hot discovery: new rising stars that are going to shine bright like a diamond at HONOLULU Fashion Week’s Marketplace.

For the past two years, we've been bringing in some of our favorite local jewelers, designers, artists and all-around tastemakers to give our stylish public a one-stop shop that's about as fashionable as it gets. And this year is no different. We've got a few newbies to the HONOLULU Fashion Week scene that are prepping some sweet star-quality goods that have got us doing a little preview shop-gazing—and we want to let you in on our cloud nine.

Take Tikishiki Handbags, a brand of carry-alls, designed by Kaua‘i-based Jennifer Todice, that caught our eye in the beginning of this year. Now, O‘ahu bag ladies that love her fashion-meets-function, Asian-inspired aesthetic (*raises hand*) that takes a page from the book of furoshiki, or the Japanese art of cloth-wrapping, can snap up the pieces in person. Todice’s been slaving away in the name of style, with 50 new pieces just for the Marketplace, in everything from canvas linen to satin-lined, with her signature sturdy leather straps and details. She’s sticking with the tried-and-true ’shiki silhouette, which has an artsy, geometric shape with an unexpected, organic feel, but will be adding small clutches and organizational pouches to the mix.

But it's in the hemisphere of unique, eclectic prints that Todice really sparkles. Look for some sweet throwback finds in her use of textiles for the lineup at HONOLULU Fashion Week, which will include vintage barkcloth and retro aloha prints, with rich, earthy oranges, serene blues and classic neutrals. We’re loving the old-time Island feel for some of these, which range from giving off groovy vibes to repping the bygone era of Blue Hawai‘i.

Now that's what we call some real stylish star power.

$135–$260, at the HONOLULU Fashion Week Marketplace, Thursday, Nov. 10, 5–9 p.m.; Friday, Nov. 11, 11 a.m.–9 p.m.; and Saturday, Nov. 12, 11 a.m.–9 p.m. at the Hawai‘i Convention Center. Learn more at

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